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We live on a planet that has the ability to feed and support all of its inhabitants. So why is there so much hunger and scarcity in this world? Unfortunately a large majority of consumers in developed countries are unaware of the scientific facts regarding the hazards and the destructive nature of animal agriculture.

From the time we are young children, we are indoctrinated by ‘nutritional information’ that The Meat and Dairy Association has strategically placed in schools. These beliefs have become so ingrained in our culture and education that doctors, personal trainers, professional athletes and dietitians do not question the agenda of this information that has been mistaken as truth. A huge majority of our earth’s population is unaware of the profound negative impact of choosing their foods without regard for its origin.

The current state of animal agriculture and the mass production of our food is leading us directly to an unsustainable end for our planet and all of its inhabitants. Rainforests are being cleared to create grazing land for cattle that is only usable for a single harvest. Inconceivable amounts of toxic waste and runoff from mass farming is being dumped into our water systems, that makes it undrinkable and dangerous to its inhabitants.

People are consuming the flesh of animals that have been pumped with antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides; many of which develop cancerous tumors as a result of this mistreatment. Yet the meat is still distributed and sold in our markets and packaged for consumption. A majority of people are completely disconnected from these vital issues. Sadly, it is an undeniable fact that these sentient beings have lived a devastated and tortured existence to benefit only the profit margins of these factory farm corporations.

Few people have ever had personal contact with any of the animals that we, as a nation, readily consume. The public is largely unaware of their levels of comprehension, personality, their ability to love and form bonds and communities. These animals suffer the same mental illnesses that befall humans; anxiety, depression, anger and stress. They, in turn, can be social, humorous, affectionate, and playful like our beloved feline and canine companions. Yet they are locked away from the people who consume them and they are compartmentalized as livestock with no intrinsic value, other than to simply be consumed.

CFEI's vision is to live in a world where people readily have the tools accessible to form educated decisions: to choose their foods, thoughts and actions with an understanding and recognition of their impact. As more people become educated, a mass consciousness shift is imminent. As a global public continues to shift demand towards ethical and sustainable plant-based foods, those options become increasingly more available and affordable. Each human has a choice. Every purchase is a vote and a voice. When we cast uninformed votes, we are forgoing our right to freedom and empowerment. We are not dictating what these choices have to be - we just want people to have access to valuable knowledge. We recognize that each person is on an individual path and will do what resonates with them personally. Most people will shift in some way. Even small shifts across large groups of people create significant changes. With that said, our goal is to create a global plant-based agriculture model and an ethics-based, compassionate world; through public education and empowerment.

We are providing a robust education space by curating the best resources across the internet. In the realm of experiential learning and targeted advocacy techniques, we are also developing vital open-source curriculum, available for digital download/stream that can be distributed/taught through established organizations across the country; thereby accessible to everyone - no matter where they live. So many organizations share our vision and are already established; our end goal is to form a web, where all of these groups can use their power and influence collectively, yet still operate independently. Recognizing the strength of numbers, our vision is expansive and entirely attainable!

If your organization would like to become affiliated with CFEI, please contact us at We will include you as a resource in our network.

Thank you for your contribution to making this world a kinder and more healthful place to live!

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