About The Compassionate Farming Education Initiative

The Compassionate Farming Education Initiative is a 501c3 non-profit organization based out of southeastern Florida. Our goal at CFEI is to empower individuals to make educated decisions regarding the foods they consume, while recognizing their own personal and global impact.  Our educational resources support the individual in choosing from a place of total control and awareness, while creating lasting change.

Though CFEI considers an entirely plant-based, vegan diet and lifestyle to be the ideal (and hopefully final) destination, we recognize that diet evolution is sometimes a journey and a process and we seek to support the consumer through every dietary shift that they choose to take on. We view each life saved as a success!

Our aim is to offer the public a robust online repository that will: (1) educate the public about current factory farming practices, (2) dispel the cultural myths that perpetuate using animals for their products, rather than recognizing their worth as individuals. (3) explain the health and environmental risks and traumas associated with these foods, and (4) offer healthy plant-based alternatives that are flexible, affordable and sustainable. We cover a wide variety of environmental and health-related resources that support this dietary shift. In conjunction, we want to give the student a clear, guided path to transitioning into a permanent lifestyle change.

Our US directory of farm sanctuaries help the public to find sanctuaries in their area, where they have an opportunity to deeply connect with cows, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, and other 'farm' animals on location. In this process, the visitor will begin to realize their interconnected relationship to other species and our world as a whole.  When this bond is formed, the hope is that most people will naturally migrate towards more ethical and sustainable food choices and reduce their consumption levels of mass-produced foods (and meat consumption, in general).

Where farm sanctuaries are not readily accessible, we offer the public a vast range of information that can reach schools, doctors, educators, parents and communities at large through online educational materials, downloadable pamphlets and video resources. As there is so much valuable informarion out there already, we are largely repurposing existing materials from non-profits and publications, via our online resources library. We want to create a one-stop place to get any and all information that relates to veganism - whether you are a newbie or a seasoned advocate!

We are also currently developing our own open-source materials which include:
1. Targeted advocacy training materials. This is a virtual workshop which can be hosted from anywhere!
2. Experiential learning model that can be used virtually, in schools and privately (TBA)
3. Experiential learning model used onsite at farm sanctuaries
4. Vegan meat and dairy swap guide
5. DIY demo video library, where our affiliate health coaches and experts show you how to cook gourmet vegan meals, sprouting techniques and more

Once our curriculum models are fully developed and vetted, we will reach out to existing non-profits in the realm of animal rights advocacy and other related groups in an effort to form an affiliate program. The non-profits who join with CFEI will continue to operate independently and maintain their brand identity and structure, but will have access to a network of resources and industry peers that is far more expansive than they have ever known singularly. In exchange, they will use CFEI’s advocacy training curriculae as teaching tools (under agreement) and circulate it for further exposure. For farm sanctuaries that become affiliated, they will agree to incorporate the experiential learning model. Our affiliates must obviously align with and support the curriculum. The hope is that this relationship will provide mutually-beneficial exposure.

Rather than seeking change through government legislation and appeal, our strategy is to take it directly to the people to shift consumer demand. This will inevitably give a huge boost to small business and independent growers.

Please note: We do not endorse the theory of "humane meat", as there is no such thing as "humane slaughter". All animals are slaughtered in the same horrific manner; whether they were raised on a factory farm, or in open pasture. With that said, we realize that people will more often shift incrementally, as individuals. Reducing consumption levels of animal products and shifting demands away from (commercial) factory farmed products is a step on a journey that we hope will end in a plant based diet and vegan way of life. We provide the tools and information to support that shift, and we want it to stick. Getting educated, informed and planning accordingly tends to be effective for most people.

If your organization would like to become affiliated with CFEI, please contact us at info@compassionatefarming.org. We will include you as a resource in our network.

Thank you for your contribution to making this world a kinder and more healthful place to live!

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Please send us a message and let us know how you would like to assist us. We need help with outreach, fundraising, curriculum development and more. For volunteering, please email us: kellisritter@compassionatefarming.org

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