Who is Compassionate Farming Education Initiative?


Compassionate Farming Education Initiative is a 501c3 educational non-profit organization based out of southeast Florida. CFEI is committed to creating conscious, educated, empowered consumers; thereby shifting mass industry towards vegan, sustainable products and a global, plant-based agriculture model.

We help people to transition their diets and lifestyle into an ethical vegan model, while learning about animal sentience and the rich emotional and intellectual capacities of typically “farmed" animals. We do this through outreach and education, utilizing online and open-source materials.  

We seek to shift the old paradigm of farming. We believe that Compassionate Farming is Plant-Based Farming. It is an essential shift, for our world is in peril - and animal agriculture is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, deforestation, water depletion, ocean acidification, species extinction and world hunger. The animals suffer, our planet suffers and our health suffers.

We aim to educate the public in the following areas:

    • Current animal agriculture practices and their impact on our health and the world
    • The meat industry’s marketing myth of ”humane” animal farming
    • Healthy, convenient and affordable plant-based food alternatives
    • The personal and global impact of our food choices
    • The psychological facets of animal ethics, speciesism and carnism
    • Targeted, effective advocacy techniques for animal rights advocates
    • Local access to Farm Animal Sanctuaries where people can get to know the animals face to face

Via farm animal rescue sanctuaries, people have the opportunity to deeply connect with rescued farm animals on location. Where sanctuaries are not readily accessible, we will offer open-source curriculum designed for digital download distribution to schools, community centers, and small outreach groups. These services will be at no cost to the consumer, through private funding. We are currently developing this curriculum and will unveil its content shortly.

If your organization would like to become affiliated with CFEI, please contact us at kellisritter@compassionatefarming.org We will include you as a resource in our network.
Thank you for your contribution to making this world a kinder and healthier place to live!

'Home On The Range' - A Music Project to Support Farm Animal Sanctuaries

Home On The Range is a benefit compilation CD and short documentary film presented by CFEI. The CD is now available through direct mail order, indie distribution and selected retail stores. The full album download is available via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon (digital), Amazon (Physical CD) and several other popular digital retailers.

Our mission is to raise funds for several non-profit farm animal sanctuaries including Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Happy Trails Farm, Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, and Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. The proceeds from Home On The Range will be distributed directly to these organizations that provide rescued animals with a safe shelter including clean and spacious housing, proper medical care, and a healthy diet so they are able to finally have a peaceful existence.

This dynamic multi-faceted project features exclusive music from award-winning recording artists: Moby, Yoko Ono, The Pretenders, Joan Jett, Bright Eyes, Nellie McKay, Howard Jones, The Color Fred (Taking Back Sunday, Terrible Things), Warshow Angels (feat. members of Buzzcocks and UK Subs), Modern Day Alchemy, Princess Superstar, Justin Sane (of Anti-Flag), Stephen R. Burroughs (Head Of David), Joy Askew, The Giving Tree Band, Dropa, The Lovestains, Last Amendment, and Early Melodic Animals. The benefit CD is unique in the fact that it is comprised entirely of established vegetarian and vegan recording artists, promoting compassion while raising public awareness and helping educate people about these issues on an unparalleled global scale. 

Here is the official Home On The Range documentary:

Here is a music video preview of some of the featured artists:

Would you or your organization like to sponsor or contribute to Home On The Range?
Contact us: kneel@compassionatefarming.org

Visit the official Home On The Range Website for more information
Help spread the word with us on the Home On The Range Facebook Page, Twitter Page and Instagram Page

Calling All Advocates: Targeted Effective Advocacy Techniques


Our founder, Karen Ellis-Ritter has recently developed a curriculum/roundtable workshop to assist advocates in achieving optimal success in their outreach work. If your organization or venue wishes to host this workshop series, please call Karen at 718.607.0288 or email her at kellisritter@compassionatefarming.org. The workshop runs 6-8 sessions, depending on size of class.

This is a workshop curriculum designed for advocates who wish to enhance their communication skills and effectiveness, enjoy greater success rates, build confidence and reconnect to their original purpose for advocacy work, thereby instilling a renewed excitement and vigor.

Target Audience:
We will primarily focus on those who are advocates of animal rights, veganism, and environmental sustainability. However, these techniques can be effective, regardless of topic or cause.

Note: This workshop is not designed to educate people about these topics (the assumption is they are already well-versed), but to offer tools that will enable the advocate to deeply connect in a personal way to those who they are seeking to educate and inspire.

Purpose of these techniques:
1. To instill confidence, grounding and great focus within the advocate.
2. To develop a deep compassion and empathy toward the student, honing in on what matters to them and how these large-scale issues relate to them on a personal level.
3. A release of judgement and preconceptions and a discovery of where and when these limited beliefs were formed. This release applies to oneself and toward the student.
4. Shifting away from boiler-plate talking points and limited paradigms; creating a total shift in ways of being.
5. Creating a flourishing love, inclusiveness and acceptance toward the student, inspiring transformation and EXCITEMENT!
6. To forge deep and meaningful relationships with other human beings.
7. To take an active role in creating a mass consciousness shift.
8. Saving as many lives as possible!

Desired Result of Workshop:
1. A greater success-rate of influence
2. Sparking that initial interest and finding inspiring ways to sustain it.
3. Instilling a desire for transformation.
4. Student takes active steps towards achieving long term goals.
5. Advocate continues to offer support and tools/resources.
6. Creating new advocates!

The advocate will dig deep within their core and reconnect to their work, recalling the origins of that initial spark that stirred their being long ago. Deep bonds can be forged when we take an honest look at ourselves and allow for vulnerability and humility. Profound shifts often continue to occur for months and years as a result of that honest connection. These techniques are born of love and are approached from a place of acceptance for where the student is on their journey. These tools are gentle and extremely effective. The philosophy behind this workshop is to work incrementally and to gently urge the student along in a manner that is sustainable and offers attainable long-term goals.

Volunteer With Us

Please send us a message and let us know how you would like to assist us. We need help with outreach, fundraising, curriculum development and more. For volunteering, please email us: kellisritter@compassionatefarming.org

Email Our Staff

Karen Ellis-Ritter, President and Founder: kellisritter@compassionatefarming.org
Kneel Cohn, Director of Development: kneel@compassionatefarming.org

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